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With the most recent changes to terra spaced out start I had a thought. Since there is one guaranteed cool steam vent in the jungle and a natural gas vent in the marsh but there also exists the assets from the base game for the opposite set up. What if rather then just always having them be the same each time just have a random chance that they are flipped and it uses the natural gas vent in the jungle and the cool steam vent in the marsh? Just to make things a little more interesting for multiple playthroughs.

If we weren't guaranteed to get both versions of the slush vent I would say that could be random between those two options as well. Though to be honest I think having 3 guaranteed water sources on each start is a bit much, especially since we have a water planetoid. So if they decided to go that route I wouldn't be upset.

Also I think 1 or even 2 random vents but have them only able to be gas vents to keep them from competing with why you should want to go to other planetoids. I just kind of miss some of the variation that random geysers added to the game to change things between multiple playthroughs. I do like some of the consistency of the current design as well but I feel like it can be a little too repetitive.  On the opposite side of the spectrum though I don't really want to do the classic start with just an abundant number of random geysers.

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