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MOD Request - Paralyze Staff

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Hi, after many tries, I give up and ask if someone can do a staff that paralyze the target. I tried things like

--inside weapon's OnAttack

And tried create a custom component 'paralizable', copying the 'freezable' component (and removing the color hue, ice effect and frost pose), adding a custom stategraph, but nothing worked.

I want the enemy become paralyzed, keeping the frame that he was when received the projectile, and in this state, he can't receive damage (all attacks/damage deal 0 health damage, and can't free him). The paralyze ends after some time (30*2, 2 days segments), but if the target receives a new paralyze, the effect ends instantly. The paralyzing projectile deal 0 damage too (or nil if possible, to not trigger the target hit animation).

I want most the paralyze code, the sprite and aimation I will do after, with the weapon details (like recipe, max uses, etc) so, you can use any sprite/art/asset/name/etc.

In advance, thanks so much for those who at least try this.

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