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Basic Item (Tool) Prefab Sample/Template

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Hello everyone.

I have very recently got into modding and I want to make my own item. I am not entirely sure how prefabs work and what components are required for them to run, which is why I am asking for a very simple item prefab sample template thing. I have the inventory images in a folder called "images", and they are converted to their .TEX and.XML files respectively. I have Don't Starve Mod Tools installed, and I have a folder called "anim" with a test ground sprite from another mod in there. I am still not entirely sure how to implement ground sprites, but I know it has some thing to do with the "anim" folder. I also have a "scripts" folder and inside that a "prefabs" folder where I will put the code. I currently just want my sprite to have percentage (it's a tool), drop from Crab King, and have working inventory and ground sprites. It would help me a lot if you pointed out what piece of code does this and that etc.  

This is a very big jump for me in terms on my knowledge of modding and DST code in general. Thanks in advance.

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