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Boss idea from a idiot

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I want to share a raid boss idea.

So have you ever heard of dangling depth dwellers?

If so here is a idea for a queen of the cave-loving spiders.

She lives deep within a infested blue mushroom forest of spiders.

A large mushtree lies within the depths 

of this area surrounded by dangling depth dweller dens.

It is webbed like other webbed trees. 

Chopping it spawns the queen and the battle begins.

After killing her you can chop the

tree for silk and another will grow during winter (which means

that the queens loot can only be gotten once a year).

Once beaten the queen can do one of two things.

One - die and drop loot

Two - survive, which she than gives loot and also gives a effect which makes all spiders

follow you.

I prefer the second though it might be weird 

fighting the queen again.

In the comments describe her powers and such cuz' i'm to lazy to do it my self.



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I like the ideia of more "cave" bosses, but I once  thought of a mini-boss just like a treeguard, but would be a mush guard, after choping/picking a certain amout of caps, it would spawn a "mushroom"-boss-like with an average drop, and more mushrooms, but i Think we need a "different" boss per say

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