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Alien Ecosystems/Biomes

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From all the possible interactions and solutions one can come upon with to make our loved bases prosper none makes me happier than the biological ones. From the original Oxyfern, pip's and Arbortree interactions, Pufts, Slickesters and Hatches to the new 'Space out' with the new critters and specifically their relationship with their environment, Sweetles and Grubgrubs with Grubfruit, Beetas with Uranium, Satturn critter trap and hydrogen and of course the Plugslug, and let's not forget the introduction of the mutations on plants. ONI has not disappointed on that front. These clever biological ways of dealing with issues are the thing that get me going, yet I feel it could do more and go bolder.
Hence my suggestions:
First - the concept and maybe layout or layer of 'environments' or 'Biomes' -  a preset of atmosphere, soil, liquids and temperature where certain plants, and critters would behave in a more efficient, interactive or diverse way. These concept would be essential for the next suggestion
Second - two new room types 'The Plantarium' and 'The Biodome'- Some sort of advantage for having our beloved critters and plants together in their biome, natural or created by us. In a sense a upgrade of the 'Nature reserves' that could work for more than just 'decor' (If a healthy stable environment can contribute to our health and wellbeing IRL why not here too). Permaculture farms are proven to produce more and better than traditional monoculture ones so the 'Plantarium' would be a room where the plants living within have a reason to be together because they are part of the same biome. Having at least one of each plant from the same environment together would trigger their 'natural relationship' in the wild and make them stronger and healthier. The same could apply to the second type of 'room' the 'Biodome': a room where the biodiversity, and interaction among their living aliens fauna and flora and their atmosphere would produce fantastical results, from increases in productivity to rare materials results of the many interactions within. It would not be a easy room to achieve, given how hard is to keep an environment balanced and stable, but the rewards would definitely be worthy. 
Third - a natural development of the previous suggestions the introduction of a new expertise 'Xenobiologist' - the job that would oversee and care for the the new types of rooms. It would involve the addition of a new station and some new tech to research.

All in all I love the critters plants and universe Klei has created for ONI and it is my deepest desire to see it prosper, grow roots lay eggs and spread. So, What do you thing? any complementary suggestions?


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Would be cool if critters or plants got passive bonuses from other plants native to their biome. Not necessarily needing a whole room system for that. Just if briar bluff buffed the production of hatches if they are ungroomed or something like that.

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