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Automatically expanding every filter when selecting storage

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This... is this even useful for anything? Other than being incredibly annoying?

I tried to like it but the only case in which it's barely useful is if the storage only has a single thing selected, so i can toggle it to drop the item. But even in this case if it's anything other than a very small category near the top of the list, i'm probably going to have to scroll anyway. A click and scroll and a click isn't much different from a scroll and a click, even in the ideal scenario.

As soon as you have more than one thing selected it just becomes a mess, and then in the not-uncommon scenario that you have everything except something selected... good luck finding that unselected thing ever again in this ridiculously balooned list of every single thing in the game.

Maybe, at very least, don't auto-expand categories that have everything inside them selected?

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