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v2 mods cannot be enabled

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Translation (just Google translate):


All v2 modules are not enabled in the client. The modules have actually been downloaded, but the game seems to think that the modules are broken. How can I fix it.

I tried to reinstall the game, clear all modules, delete all subscriptions and module files, but it didn’t solve the problem

For what it's worth, I get about 6 comments a day about this specific issue between the two mods of mine that I've updated since the mod uploader was switched to the v2 workshop API. I've been suggesting deleting the mod folder, verifying, and reinstalling as workarounds, but it seems that this mostly does not fix the issue. Has anyone found more successful workarounds? Is this something the devs could instrument and monitor to determine the failure cases that result in these stuck downloads? As a mod author I'm at a loss on what I can do to help players who encounter this.

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Oh... so that might be the issue I have : some mods (not all) fail to update and for this reason they cant be enabled.

I dont know if it helps but I have figured that mods are working fine on my macbook, but they fail to update (and to start) in my Geforce Now.

That is very annoying since I use the geforce Now to not have to play directly on my macbook.   


Since it is Geforce Now, I dont have access to modify the filesystem, but using some steam browse option, I can see some part of filesystem.

I have unsubscribed the mod, and restart the game: the mod disappeared from steamapps. But when I subscribe again, still the failure.


At first I blamed Geforce Now, but it might be something else.

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