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Endless reaching 8k days, lag sources?

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we're running an endless server which will soon reach 8000 days. The number of people that can play on the server while it runs smoothly, or at least reasonably, has been slowly going down. That's possibly to be expected, but what I would like to know is: can we somehow investigate the main contributors to lag? Some specific mods, mobs, structures, etc.? Maybe we could dismantle some things we built, or design them differently. At this point we can run smoothly with about 6 people most of the time, with 8 it starts getting quite bad. However sometimes, even when nothing special is happening, it may lag real bad with 4-5 people. This is on a cpu with very good single core performance.

I've stumbled upon TheSim:Profile(), and I tried to load up the captured data in Chrome, but it seems rather opaque to me, I don't see many ways I could identify which prefabs/mobs/"brains" take the most time, the detail does not seem to be there.

Mod list:
- Wolly Logger (settings: log _everything_)
- Camp Security
- No Thermal Stone Durability
- Inspect Bundle
- Global Positions (settings: only share player icons on map, nothing else, no directions, no fires, no distributed map updates)
- Health Info

Aside from this, we also regularly stack things lying around on the floor using console commands, to restrict lag from automatic farms or from areas run over by Bearger etc. Report from stacking command done a few minutes earlier:

- Entities before     62856     (active     6511    ); Stacked     2658    ; After     60177     (active     5589    )

Sometimes we get up to 17-18k active entities (records from Ents reported activated by player presence, if I understand it correctly). However, that only loosely relates to the lag occuring, at times we can run smooth with 5 player and 17k active entities, yet at other times lag horribly with 5 players and less than 10k active entities.

I have attached profile data & c_countallprefabs() output at a time the lag was real bad.

profile.zip profiling_server_log.txt

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Since then I have noticed we also had smooth runs with 8 people, 17000 entities active, so it's not really even about the number of items active or about the number of people per se.

The server is running on Windows 10, no virtualization, i9-11900k @ 5.3GHz all core. While others are connected through the internet, this also happens to me being connected via wired LAN directly (not passing through Klei proxy, but using c_connect() to local IP or selecting LAN in the server browser).

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Same question. I have an 8000+ days endless server running on a 3.4/3.8 Ghz Xeon CPU.

Up to 4 players on the ground :grey:

Sometimes snowballs from ice flingomatics can't shoot the right position. When this happens, sever gets extremely lag, and I have to restart the server so that snowballs vanish automatically, to get my server back on track.

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There are certain client mods that are suspected to impact server performance. The main one I have heard of is Mini Map. 

Also, you might want to try disabling Health Info and any other server mod like Show Me that is constantly pinging the server for mob and item info. 

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