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The dreaded, the worst, the sneezy allergies!

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By far, these have been my biggest enemy in the dupes that have them, which, oddly enough, would be every dupe that is a farmer. While I'm running on Spaced Out, I can only assume the "problem" I have with them extends to the base game.

Many times while working my dups will get interrupted in tasks vital to colony health to show them being "cured" of the allergies only to be "infected" by the pollen "germs" a moment later which causes them to sneeze and then have the progress of the task reset. The only feedback I have to give is: Why? I know allergies should effect dup efficiency, but not like this. Have them work slower, have them sneeze when moving, but don't reset task timers, please. If they're cured of a disease, just have them work through it and then clap. I do not need cutsie animations making it impossible (Especially considering the way the engine slowly, well, breaks down, as time goes on.) for me to groom my adorable Cough I mean, stronk, carbon pooing, rock chewing, metal refining, little hatches and making them miserable or stop progress on constructing or digging out areas I need dug out.

Or maybe add a filter mask which filters allergen germs from the air? Perhaps have it take, most logically, the mask slot or, less logically, the clothing slot for the dupe so that there's at least something to stop them from sneezing short of relatively expensive medicinal options. An item which could take up a valuable spot on a dupe in the late game for mild germ and allergen protection seems like a fair tradeoff to prevent excessive and unwarranted, IMO, task interruption.

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12 hours ago, calkhi said:

If they're cured of a disease, just have them work through it and then clap

Agreed, cycling through being cured animation repeatedly sounds weird and getting cured should not interrupt tasks imo. 

I disagree that sneezing should not interrupt tasks, as it makes thematic sense and is the penalty of letting your dupes have an allergic reaction. Be aware that pollen allergies are easy to prevent in game. Just don't send allergic dupes near Bristle Blossoms. 

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