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I Beg You Klei, Fix Bee/Spider Lag

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Few hours ago I died because of bees. I though I could pass them without any hurt (which you can do easily if you keep walk) but lag caused my character stop and stay until bees kill him. Funny thing about it, my ghost started move to place I wanted to go after bees gone mao.

So I died and revived myself with a touchstone. Walked to my skeleton to take my items back but guess what, those bees came back and killed me by lag, AGAIN.

Same thing happens with spiders but they are not that annoying because I don't come across that much spiders and they don't bee around that much. 
But three bee hive is enough to make game unplayable.

Also I was host, I was alone in server, I'm using mod do decrase lag and world size was medium.

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