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Carbo Daemoniorum Mk1 - Prototype Proof of Concept Debris Boosted Abyssalite Melter

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This is what I'm currently terming a "debris boosted" abyssalite melter. I was inspired by @ghkbrew's debris furnace, and tried applying it to a higher temperature application, as his was just for power generation. Given the finicky nature of the exploit, I thought that it might be better used as an efficiency booster for builds that rely on metal refineries for heat, as they consume large amounts of fairly valuable and not very renewable iron, hence debris boosted. I simply choose an abyssalite melter because it's a well established example of something that would otherwise consume large amounts of iron for heat, basing the melter itself loosely off @GreezyHammer's original melter video. Rough estimates place the iron consumption at around 40kg/1t of tungsten, and a production rate of 400kg/cycle. That said, it's not actually fully optimized for efficiency. 

The initial step is to use a metal refinery to melt refined carbon, then use that ~4340°c liquid carbon to power an abyssalite melter. The cooled carbon, at ~3600°c is then taken to the debris boosted, which used the bug whereby liquids freezing in a tile with debris of the same type as the frozen liquid lose the temperature information of the liquid, and just add their mass to the existing debris. This system uses refined carbon debris at 4326°c, dripping the cooled carbon onto it at 1.5kg/s, generating about 515kdtu/kg of carbon. Some automation then takes most but not all of the carbon back to be melted, with several safeguards against releasing carbon while no debris is present, sending debris to a melting pool that is too cold, and the falling time of the debris. This allows the metal refinery to only heat the carbon ~14°c, instead of ~740°c.

The build itself is a mess, meant only as a proof of concept for what I think is the most useful application of this exploit. The build still tends to be unstable, the pipes are a mess, the tungsten melting pool has a tendency to be displaced by incoming carbon, and has inconsistent tungsten drips from the abyssalite for some reason. I did choose lead over chlorine for the actual flaking to prioritize speed over efficiency, although I could probably use a pool of niobium to transfer heat to the lead even faster. The active cooling for the abyssalite was intended to prevent it melting, although I later realized that toggling the melter automatically was likely extremely difficult or impossible. 


I'm not including a blueprint or save file this time as I have several modded infinite sources and the build itself sucks and this was only meant as a proof of concept. I may one day revisit it for a more practical version, once the trauma of the no less than 12 carbon/tungsten/sour gas explosions I went through building the Mk1 wears off. Hopefully this inspires the devs to fix this bug if at all possible, as while it can generate heat, most of the time it deletes heat in volcano tamers that are not specifically designed to avoid it. 

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