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Can someone help me with an action that I want for my character?

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These three examples are nothing like each other.

 - Tree with 3 trunks? Is that with three swings or gets three logs?

 - (If I remember correctly) Each character has a pickup function which you could override. I don't quite remember the name and/or how to do it.

 - That would be in boulder code. Use something like AddPrefabPostInit and then do some checks

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13 hours ago, decduck3 said:

Estos tres ejemplos no se parecen en nada.

 - ¿Árbol con 3 troncos? ¿Eso es con tres columpios o obtiene tres troncos?

 - (Si mal no recuerdo) Cada personaje tiene una función de captura que podrías anular. No recuerdo bien el nombre y / o cómo hacerlo.

 - Eso estaría en código de Boulder. Use algo como AddPrefabPostInit y luego haga algunas comprobaciones

what I want to do is something like this,
my character collects 1 herb, in my inventory instead of receiving only a receipt 2.

my character felling 1 tree, dropping 2 logs from the extra felled tree to the ground.

When my character breaks 1 rock, there is a chance that he will drop 1 additional mineral or element (gem, stone, mandrake or other).

explain me better this time?

I'm a novice in moding but I'm still learning, I don't know many things, in ds many things work for me that in dst they don't work for me.

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