Returning to the Griftlands, feedback

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I played some time ago, and stopped for a long time. When i last played, i think Smith wasn't here (but was starting to be available on experimental branch), mettle, flourish and perks.

So for me a lot of new stuff happened at once, when i don't know the history of change and how it happened in the game over time.


Mettle : i am not sure how i feel about this one. This is a bit grindy, which is probably a great thing when you start the game and have this way a goal and some reward awaiting during the game when difficulty is high and game can be a bit repetitive. However, rewards are a mix between stuff you benefit from immediately (health, resolve, gain of flourish), some are stuff that will be great for the next run (and the ones after), like money, xp on basic cards/graft.

I like some of the bonus especially the ones that allows a faster start (xp on basic cards) or make easier to level grafts (because i dislike not seeing a graft upgrade and i like having everything leveled :D )

Overall, i think mettle is maybe lacking something for me that really makes it shiny.


Flourish : basically a big free action that can change the situation entirely, allowing to win where no hope were, or win quickly without as much risk. Interesting, even if i wonder if being able to keep flourish isn't too convenient. Maybe at least between fights flourish could decrease a bit.


Perks : i like those. Some of them are nice touch, some of them are for gameplay that isn't really my style, some of them are really fun for me. I especially like the "one liked person is loved". This allows to get perks of people you can usually only like, this gives incentive to spare some people in the hope of having their perks, And for me that don't usually actively search friendship, i spend more efforts on that. So this changes the way i play and is fun.

I hope there will be more perks in the future, the potential is great. At the moment, the level  5 perks aren't something i'm attracted by, which is of course very personal, so i hope seeing more shiny options :D


Smith : i just played him a bit, some dialogues are super fun.


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