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A way to activate enlighment anywhere: Enlightenment amulet

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Had this idea in discord and electroely suggested it as an amulet. 

Basically its an amulet crafted from an iridescent gem and it causes enlightenment, an opposite to the nightmare amulet. The amulet can be recharged with moongleams. 

Useful uses:

Walter and Wickerbottom

When fighting bosses with big insanity auroras 

Using it with a bone helmet will cancel both effects. 


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2 hours ago, VampireMonkey said:

What about just adding Infused Moon Shards into the Crown's sockets to induce different levels of enlightenment?

That would make it too op, no?

It runs on sanity and enlightment increases sanity over time. 

But you could combine the amulet + crown at the cost of no armor/back pack.

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