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I built Tony Advanced's late-game CSV cooler

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It is no joke.

So, TA put out this video two years ago showing how you can make a self-powered lH2 doohickey with a cool steam vent. Since I decided to get serious about space now I thought I'd give it a shot. I picked a map with four CSVs (SNDST-A-889821428-0) and got to work building my big dumb unstable puft ranch. Once I proved that point and got a handful of thermium and a bucket of supercoolant I threw a few quick n dirties together.

Here is one cooling 112 tons of water, some igneous rock statues and granite tempshift plates to -35° C (and falling).


I'm just using this one to cool miscellaneous gas. I also have one cooling all the debris on the map to 35° C.


Here's the first one I built. It's been cooling all the polluted water in the world (for free), and doing a pretty good job.


All you do is use thermium aquatuners to chill supercoolant and heat the steam coming out of a cool steam vent to 200° then feed it to the right number of turbines to consume the steam coming from the vent. The machine is only active in conjunction with the vent so it's sporadic, but you can save up a bunch of chill. You need a csv that puts out enough steam to feed three turbines (>6kg/sec) to self-power two aquatuners. You could always go with one AT and two STs. Check the video for build details.

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