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Hello, I decided to share my ideas and thoughts on the game. The text is divided into chapters.

! Important information - I do not speak English, and I used google translator from Russian to English.


1) Selective sweeping (cleaning) of objects through the filter of materials.


My duplicates have wiped the floor and I want to sweep the liquid in the bottles, but there is a lot of junk scattered on the same floor, and I have to selectively select each bottle. I want to select a material filter-liquid, and sweep only liquid items to the exclusion of the rest of the junk.

2) Optimize memory shipment.

I do not have a very strong system, but my 8GB + 12 swaps are clogged in half an hour, and the game starts to freeze.

3) The values of radiation and lux on different asteroids are different.

After receiving solar panels, I have a universal master key for energy consumption on all asteroids, this is wrong. If you lower the background number of lux on auxiliary asteroids, then solar panels will not become such a panacea.

4) Additional filters of materials.

At the very least, I do not have the fusible category at my disposal. Although it is highlighted in the general view of materials, this is not enough.

5) A new geyser is now available in the game.

Volcano of rust or to make it unique (I love unique things - they fill the game and morally reward the player) - Geyser of rust. It emits gaseous rust of a huge temperature, at least 3000C.

Rationale: There is a rusty licker in the game, and there is no renewable source in raw metals. Since rust is a universal material, it gives both ore and oxygen, such a geyser must be very difficult. And this will give life on a permanent basis to rusty lizers. In addition, we get iron, which is needed for steel. Perfect.

6) Balsams require chlorine.

At the moment, we just need chlorine in the atmosphere, for the abusive production of apatite and fabric, this is wrong - we get materials from nothing. Now the balsam requires a certain amount of chlorine to be fed from the atmosphere. This will make a useless geyser of chlorine, and chlorine in general (rusty lizer gives Chlorine) is more useful. Yes, and abusing rooms with chlorine-drecons will now become more difficult due to the decreasing amount of chlorine in the room. Now you will have to use simpler solutions - namely, feeding the drekns with food trees.

7) Spoilage of food.

I saw that in the upcoming update you will fix this, but I would like chlorine to be a better gas in terms of food spoilage. And make the food spoil from its own temperature and not from the ambient temperature, because vacuum has absolute zero, and logically if we will throw hot food there, it should spoil, since it is not chilled.

8) Sweater locker.

It has a small size, it can accommodate a large number of sweaters - enough for the entire colony. It works as a control post for oxygen masks / spacesuits / jetpacks.

Rationale: In the game, clothes are difficult to apply, we have both hot biomes and cold ones. This locker will allow you to put a control, oversized checkpoint at the entrance of the biome, increasing the resistance of the environment at a non-technological stage of the game. The groiner has filters for each member of the colony. We can supply a tick on the required sweater over each duplicate - and if there is such a sweater in the closet, he will wear it.

9) Temperature resistance of duplicates.

We have overheating of the dulicant - he takes damage, this forces us to use serious means of protection. But this does not apply to low temperatures, we do not care, we will get a weak negative effect: Frostbite. Now, if the dulicants are overcooled, they take damage, just like in high temperature environment. Damage depends on the Thermal stability of the duplicates. Cold will be less unpleasant than heat, since mainly duplicates overheat from high heat exchangers - oil, steam, water + 80c +, in cold biomes, there is no steam or liquids. Liquid chlorine has 8 Dtu heat transfer - it is not terrible - and the water is solid at -0 C. However, liquid CO2 can pose a threat.

10) Diseases.

I know that you have tried to make each disease unique in terms of spread, survival, promise environment, and negative effects. But in fact, only one disease presents a threat. Allergy is not scary - we do not take allergies, and you will not find it in the wild; Food poisoning is even less, but 90% of its threat is destroyed by the sink behind the toilet, in a spaceship, due to lack of space and poisoned water, it can ruin life, but this is so uncritical; Radiation sickness is man-made, it can only be infected if it is to blame for it; Zombie disputes are generally a nightmare, it is only in the oil biome, where we go only in spacesuits, spreads through oil or CO2, but duplicates do not breathe them, even if they ran without a spacesuit + sliders eat CO2 and create a vacuum + you can just dig out a zombie flower , this disease does not pose a threat at all. The only vile disease is pulmonary disease, and it is the only one active in the game.

I propose to revise this topic, and make diseases more frequent, further in 

the next category, I will offer my illness.


1) Rover

We now have an additional research branch, or a supplement to an existing research branch.

Opens a rover station. This building works as a bed and as a rover station. One rover is attached to it, and on it it is charged. You can configure the battery charge, at which the rover will run to charge. This building is of medium or large size, as well as consumes at least 480W when charging the rover, this building does not require electricity when idle.

BUT! The rover station is just an addition to another building: Computing core. This building is a limit on the number of rover stations, and the rover stations must be connected tightly to the Computing core, as this is done in rocket platforms, or control posts. As a result, we can have mechanical diggers, for example, a maximum of 3 pieces on the planet. In order to break the game design, I will propose to make 2 types of rovers: 1st gold battery - it does not charge, but has a huge energy capacity, such rovers fall dead; 2nd-lead, such rovers can be charged at the rover station and have a much lower energy intensity.

Opens the Robot Station or transfers its functions to an existing repair machine (where oxygen masks are made), but I am for the Robot Station :)

At the robot station, we modify the rovers

Now, in order to fill the rover into the rover module, we need to first assemble the rover at the beginning on the machine, and only then load it.

Rover can now be carried by duplicates, as they do it to each other in critical condition.

It is necessary to manually indicate where the rover will carry the rover, to the rover module, or, for example, to the rover station, so that it is charged and revived.

If the (lead battery) is discharged and the rover falls, the duplicate can take it to the rover station, and there it MUST be charged to 100% for recovery.

At the station, you can create things for planetary rovers, and modify them (improve, replace batteries)

Basic robotics

Rover (Unit)

Rover Station (Building)

Computing Core (Structure)

Rotary engineering schemes: gold accumulator, low-frequency drill (basic drilling capabilities), processor (rover has a delay before action)

Advanced robotics

Lead accumulator, high-frequency drill (it drills granite, though slower than duplicates), miniprocessor (rover is less stupid), arrow manipulator (drilling range increased by 1 cell, Planetary jetpack (allows you to jump 1 cell higher, 1 cell further), engine ( increases movement speed), an additional processor slot (now, the rover thinks faster than leather bags ...)

Each module additionally consumes the internal charge of the rover, and the more of these modules, the faster the rover is discharged - this is a limitation on the number of modules from the side of game design.

Super robotics

Acid is a new material, created in the molecular forge (HCL); Requires 50g of hydrogen, 950g of chlorine, 1000g of water. We get 2000g of acid

Acid-phosphoric-lead battery (requires lead, phosphorus, acid) (maximum energy capacity). Microprocessor (requires less electricity compared to a miniprocessor) second manipulator (can drill 2 cells at the same time - requires 2 processors (mini, micro), pulse drill (it drills nolite in the same way as granite during a high-frequency storm, but the granite itself during impulse drilling is much faster)

Accumulators work off a certain amount of energy, and they must be re-created manually at the robotic station. Accumulators can be loaded with manipulators at rover stations.

! Acid and its properties

Boiling point + 80C

Decomposes into component parts

Freezing point -35С

The values are inaccurate, and are given in comparison with other substances and their aggregate states


Sulfuric acid

Made from sulfur dioxide, water, hydrogen

I think that sulfuric acid looks better in the game, since we are using the existing sulfur dioxide in the game, it is still useless, and is used only for the production of natural gas, but I would like to increase the importance of chlorine in the game, so I don’t know which option is better ...

Acid damages pipes if they are not made of gold, and indeed metals in general.

2) Ultraviolet.

A new tab is now available in the game, opposite the ultraviolet light scheme.

Now, the solar background on the surface also has short-wave radiation - ultraviolet.

This radiation is detrimental to duplicates, they have the additional characteristic of a burn from ultraviolet radiation when it is sufficiently exposed to it, it works like radiation.

Ultraviolet is extremely strongly delayed by gases, at least by chlorine, and the greatest CO2, O2 is something average. It does not depend on the gas masses, so as not to load the computer. For example, in carbon dioxide, the radiation force is cut 4 times per 1 cell, in chlorine 2.

Ultraviolet kills myrobes, it is a way to fight against pulmonary disease, putting their passages, or just a temporary alternative to deodorizers, so it kills germs 

in polluted oxygen, however, polluted oxygen attenuates radiation much more than pure oxygen.

Now, if the player wants to run on the surface, he will have an incentive to use the natural rear non-interacting background obstacle, because in a vacuum the gas leaves, and is built not in the vacuum environment, but below. In addition, the rockets emit CO2, which will be stored for some time, and which blocks ultraviolet light well.

New branch of medical research

Radiation therapy or integrate into an existing branch of medical research

New buildings: UV lamp - low power, UV emitter - high power

On different plentoids, UV has a different value of the cosmic background.


Metal jungle.

Disease present - Metal mold

Lives on metal treated and untreated surfaces.

Growth - metal, raw metal, oxygen, oxygen contaminated

Dies: chlorine, ultraviolet, radiation (uranium inclusive)

Survives: all kinds of gases

Stops from liquid, other solid materials

It stretches along the wires, infects duplicates, and slowly breaks what it lives on.

Methods of struggle: sources of radiation in places of distribution: lines of wires (if they are not from uranium, it does not apply to them), UV lamps, excavate all contaminated metal ores, and drive them through the ore scrubber, otherwise it will infect the lockers.

It has an area of influence of 2 cells, even if it does not come into contact with metals, that is, if 2 cells are spaced between 2 metal cells, and there is a vacuum between them, or something else, then one will infect the other.

Increases the internal temperature of the duplicate, if left untreated, the duplicate will begin to take damage from overheating very slowly, as it is done during normal overheating. Over time, it lowers the max health, so that at a later stage 1 tick of the burn incapacitates the duplicate. The disease does not go away, and gives the player about 100 cycles to apply measures.

New Plant: LED Grapes

It grows from the floor (from bottom to top), emits ultraviolet light, which protects it from metal mold. Grows on treated metal.

Glows, gives a huge amount of decor. It emits heat. 1 Kdte for each plant.

Temperatures: +35 | +65

Atmosphere: Chlorine

Size: 1 cell (vertical) by 2 cells (horizontal)

Top dressing: Silver

Irrigation: Chlorine

Gives: Healing Grapes

It contains macronutrients that increase the immunity of duplicates, and is also used as a material for medical purposes.

New metal: Silver

Next, I will explain why it is needed in terms of game design.

New Animal: Ultraviolet Glitter

Eats grapes (in its native biome), emits some chlorine

New Animal: Crystal Spider.

Crawls over all surfaces, weaves a WEB WEB!

Weaves cobwebs in the corners, eats all flying creatures (but catches UV glitter in its native biome) (UV glitters are more caloric), catches them in the cobweb, digests, gets calories that are enough for it for a huge amount of time. If there is a maximum of 5000 duplicate, then the spider has a much larger proportion. The spider weaves a new web every time the creature eats, The web can be used in various high-quality materials, for example, in clothes.

If there are several spiders in the room, then they all twist one common web.

Releases ethanol in proportion to calories burned

Survival: Any Gas

It has the ability to attract spider men to surfaces, for example from floor to ceiling. Uses a sticky tongue, and also catches glitter.

Biome contains: chlorine, oxygen, silver ore, ethanol

Artistically, the biome looks purple, purple with pink tones, and also has a temperature of 55C

4) Ethanol (alcohol)

Now the area of application of alcohol is much higher, it is used not only as a fuel, but also as a food and medical material.

Now you can build a BAR where duplicates get drunk and significantly reduce stress and receive a mental debuff, but you need alcohol and prickly peppers.

There is now a new building in the game: the operating room

Requires steel for the instrument and ethanol. It treats mutations caused by radiation, as well as trams.

5) Mutations and trauma

Mutations appear as a permanent debuff with sufficient radiation, but this factor is random, you can get a mutation even at a low dose, or you can not get it at all at a high dose.

Injuries - if a duplicate is incapacitated, he receives a permanent debuff injury, and depending on what caused his incapacitation, such a debuff will be.

The main ones are: burn, strangulation, frostbite (now deals damage)

6) Plant morphs

I know that in the upcoming update you will introduce this, but what I saw looks cheap, and not playable. All plants have the same morphs, and visually the same distinctive features appear. I see creatures morphs, they look different, unique, each creature has its own morph, plants are too cheap.

Make unique morphs of plants, if warranted by game design, and they should look unique.

For example, the morph of the needleberry now requires ultraviolet light, and the mushrooms are now 1 cell higher, but give more kcal, the hazel chili !!! - bears less fruit, and requires high temperatures,

95C + minimum temperature (almost boiling), but gives buffs not only morale, but also +5 strength !!!, iodized Waterweed now gives protection from radiation, etc., there is plenty of room for imagination.

7) Solar panels

Now the basic solar panel does not give 380W but 180W

Introduced a new panel-UV panel, it is more overall, and requires UV radiation, gives 480W

Added a new research on energy systems - Advanced energy, after renewable sources, also works on a full study of the medical research branch


100 Common Research

100 Advanced Research

100 radiation

200 space

8) Diseases

Most animals now emit allergic pollen

Now, a long stay in allergic microbes can cause allergies

Any duplicate can now have an allergy

Allergies are now treated like a disease

Anti-allergens now grant immunity for 10 cycles

An allergy pill is obtained from any glitter egg

! UV does not kill allergic disease

9) Space

The star map now has new meteor objects

They fly over a star map, and if there is one on the cells of an asteroid, then meteorites will fall on it, like in vanilla.

On 2 starting asteroids, the meteorite does not fly.

It can be tracked using a satellite dish (the one that studies the star map)

Tracking a meteorite will not create a threat of landing on another captivity in the midst of a meteor shower, you yourself see when this phenomenon will be, and where it will be.

Now the bunker door, and the bunker cage makes sense to exist

A new phenomenon has appeared - a solar flare - is tracked by the same observatory. At the time, the cosmic background (radiation and UV increase tenfold)

10) Silver and wires

Introduced a new parameter - electrical resistance

Now the wires, depending on the source of energy, lose the amount of energy with distance. For example: Power supply 1000W -100cells - Consumer receives 900W

From each current source, the loss is counted separately and then summed up from the resulting energy sources at the highest efficiency. This may cause a load on the computer.

Different metals have different resistance

Lead has the greatest resistance

Silver has no at all

I said everything I wanted, thanks for the great game, among AAA without ideological products, your game is a flower

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On 5/12/2021 at 1:54 AM, Genry said:

8) Sweater locker.

It has a small size, it can accommodate a large number of sweaters - enough for the entire colony. It works as a control post for oxygen masks / spacesuits / jetpacks.

My sleet wheat farmers would really appreciate a sweater dock.

Especially the one who likes to pet slicksters in her downtime.

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