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Dedicated component to push event music

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Unique music is triggered by periodic tasks from their sources. That system could use some improvements. My suggestion is to dedicate a specialized component for this purpose.

This is my mockup. Note that prefabs were taken from v463347.

For example, the Bee Queen's event is reduced to merely a line of code:

--Dedicated server does not need to trigger music
if not TheNet:IsDedicated() then
	MakeEventTriggerer(inst, "beequeen", true, "flight", 20, 40, 50)


  • Unified structure across the board
  • More consistent than periodic tasks
  • Easier to access or edit

You can enable the mod and see that music plays just like before, but internally it's cleaner – here's before and after:




Tips for testing:

  • GetDebugString is included in the component 
  • "dummytarget" prefab has an example event

More examples with the new component, notice the debug string:






Any thoughts?

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