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How to fight Enraged dfly! (a guide for experienced players)

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Enraged Dragonfly isn't hard as long as you master it correctly..



4+ ice staves

A ham bat (or a few dark swords)

As much football helmets as you need (I recommend 6)

About 1,200 points of healing foods (20 surf n' turf)

A magiluminescence (from the ruins in case you didn't know)


This method uses walls (you don't have to)

When you walk up to dfly, equip an ice stave and hit her, get close to her, then dodge the attack. Run with the mag and a walking cane and run behind the walls. Repeat step one. Perform 6-7 hits (recommend 7 hits, but do whatever), dodge, and repeat until a phase ends. She may get stunned in the process, keep hitting her when she's like this for an extra scale if you do enough damage.

After she flies away, she will start summoning her lavae, but since there are a set of walls in between a magma pool, they can't attack you. After she is done summoning lavae and comes back, repeat step one. Once her lavae die down, she will enrage, run away from the set of walls and wait until she does her ground-pound. Repeat step one every time she does her ground-pound. Attack once, dodge a little, come back, and hit three times. Repeat this cycle of phases about 3-4 times.


After she is dead, you are left with the spoils

2 red gems.

2 blue gems

1-2 yellow, green, purple, and orange gems

1 scale

5-6 gold

33% chance for a lavae egg to make a broodling or to keep for an extra adorable lavae (I will make a guide on that soon)


Thanks for looking over this guide and learning how to fight enraged dfly!




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I'd like to suggest considering running after dragonfly while she's summoning larvae (if one's walled around each pool) for quite a few free hits and to be near enough to her when she finishes to make her attack without needing the ice staff maneuver. I personally find it a bit easier, but care is needed as the larvae can hit through walls if the character is close enough!

I like the enraged dragonfly fight, it's a shame pan flute is so commonly used, and I like the picture! 

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