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Grim’s Lunar Island Misadventures

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Grim’s Lunar Island Misadventures

I was playing DST with some friends, and I was given the task of getting the lunar island loot. Stone fruit for veggie filler, kelp, glass axes, and maybe a bit of cratered turf too. Simple, right? Not from my previous experience, no. I’d already rolled back twice because my beefalo wandered into tentacles and died, so this time I was departing from the base, in the oasis. I place my boat, two sails, steering wheel, and anchor. I’m off.

The arrival onto the island was great, and so was the voyage. I immediately start mining the moonglass, picking twigs, and locating the altars. And then I hear it- the sound of a hound wave. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. Except we happened to be exceptionally low on pigskin due to not farming it, and the Wigfrid wasn’t there. Second issue? The beefalo. It was my only weapon and armor, and if it dies, I die. Literally and metaphorically. I manage to fend off the hounds and their reanimated forms, the horror hounds, and begin to assemble the celestial altar and craft the axes. All is well, for now at least. 

As I’m exploring the lunar islands, Antlion’s demands for tribute begin to manifest themselves in the form of an attack. This is when the manure hits the fan. First, two gestalts attack, putting me in deep sleep, and off my beefalo. Then, as I awaken, after being nearly killed by the attack, I walk over to the beefalo, and take one hit from Antlion’s sinkholes in the process. (Without armor, that is.) I rode back to the boat, and at this point I felt like Lady Luck had returned to my side. Wrong. This beefalo has not finished pooping on my whirly fan. 

I begin my journey home, and it’s rather calm. But about 30 seconds before I’d be lowering the anchor and getting off my vessel, my beefalo hides the smoldering object on my ship. And as Warly once said- “Fires on a ship are not to be taken lightly.” Fire breaks out, and quickly. In a panic, and with a broken mouse I’ve yet to replace, I spend much longer than I should have on walking the plank- in addition, I’ve also got 12 glass cutters in 3 bundles to carry. I can’t show up empty handed. I abandon ship, and wake on the shores of the oasis desert.

Two be continued…

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