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Some bugs I expect

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So it has been years since the creation of don't starve. Klei has put their effort on DST, the sequel.
I fully understand that and already give up my hope of any new update. Their announcement of "putting some effort on it" give me some hope.
This post is just for fun, and I would love to see how many of these notorious bugs they will fix. None probably.

1, Shadow creatures in ruins now still drop nightmare fuels
2, Put something flammable under a frozen creature would make it frozen permanently
3, Burn a house would create a new unit. (Hmm, should this count? Nice meat farm, and we can still do it in DST...yet I feel this more "unacceptable".)
4, no skeleton if dead in cave 
5, A limpet rock is always considered "hot" and being shoot by an ice flingomatic. 
6, sea creatures (any! jellies, dolphins...) swim on land
7, land creatures walk on seas
8, volcano time/season cannot match
9, Lanterns can light forever if exit and re-login

Hamlet bugs are not mentioned, because there are simply too many.

If anyone happen to see this post and like it, you are welcome to add some more notorious ones you met.


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