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onputininventory function and ondrop function not running

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This is a bit of an extension of a previous post, but I cannot get these two functions to run. I think I am not setting up the functions properly, but I cannot find out how to set them up right.


local function setHealing(owner)
if self.owner ~= nil then
	local sanity = owner.components.sanity and owner.components.sanity.GetPercent() or 0
	local currentHealth = owner.components.health and owner.components.health.current or 0
	local maxHealth = owner.components.health and owner.components.health.maxhealth or 0
	local self = inst.components.inventoryitem
		healing = sanity * (maxHealth - currentHealth)
-- I am not sure if I am doing the code above properly, so I need help. I created a post before, as stated, but I have not gotten any help at all.
local function onputininventoryfn(owner)
	owner:ListenForEvent("sanitydelta", setHealing)

local function ondropfn(inst)
    owner:RemoveEventCallback("sanitydelta", setHealing)


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I'm not sure if this will work for you, at least when I did a quick test, my print was run.

instead of 

local function onputininventoryfn(owner)
	owner:ListenForEvent("sanitydelta", setHealing)


local function onputininventoryfn(inst, owner)
	inst:ListenForEvent("sanitydelta", setHealing, owner)

See also this post to understand why:



This is my code that I used that worked:

inst.components.inventoryitem.onputininventoryfn = function(inst, player) 
		inst:ListenForEvent("healthdelta", function() print("onputininventoryfn") end, player)



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