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(Solved) Question for how to call these listen for event things

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Hello! I have been using this forum a lot lately, but I think these last few questions should be all I have left so...

1. What are the listenforevent names for digging graves and using wormholes? I would like to create a sanitydelta function when digging graves or using wormholes. (I need help with this function)


Sorry that I have been using the forums a lot lately, this should be the last of me for a month or two (hopefully). Thank you to everyone who helped me!

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I don't think there is an event for digging grave mounds, the .lua file for it is mound.lua, and the minus sanity delta is caused on the onfinishedcallback function for workable.

Wormholes have 2 events they play however these events are almost exclusively tailored for specific components:

  • "wormholespit" is used by wisecracker
  • "wormholetravel" is used for playing the local travel sound

you can still use them however, wormhole spit is played 1 second after leaving a wormhole where as wormholetravel is fired when travelling through one.

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