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Very embarrassing death...

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eiusmodi    10

I was playing DST with some friends, and we just barely survived a hound wave we weren't prepared for...when suddenly I also started to starve. I was the most experienced player among them - still a noob! - so I just couldn't die doing what the game specifically tells you NOT to do. How embarrassing would that be??

So I checked my inventory for food and found one, very lonely vegetable sitting there. I ate it in hopes to buy myself more time to actually cook something proper... as a text popped up informing everyone that "eiusmodi was killed by pepper and became a spooky ghost!"

In hindsight, dying from starvation would've been less embarrassing, wouldn't it? :P

In fact, I probably will never hear the end of this... ever. This was way back when and it's still being brought up frequently :roll:

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