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  1. For me, who just loves for everything to look nice, I enjoy the mods that help me achieve that...like geometric placement, cluster placements and the one that allows you to put stuff closer together, snapping tills... I am currently streaming a world with all but geometric placement off and my OCDs hate it :P And then of course some of the quality of life updates like the mini map, more icons on the map, combined status, health info and the colored wormhole icons because I can't remember **** Other than that just some meme mods for good fun. If I feel a mod would change the difficulty of the game a little too much in the wrong direction, e.g. make it too easy, I usually wouldn't use it~
  2. I was playing DST with some friends, and we just barely survived a hound wave we weren't prepared for...when suddenly I also started to starve. I was the most experienced player among them - still a noob! - so I just couldn't die doing what the game specifically tells you NOT to do. How embarrassing would that be?? So I checked my inventory for food and found one, very lonely vegetable sitting there. I ate it in hopes to buy myself more time to actually cook something proper... as a text popped up informing everyone that "eiusmodi was killed by pepper and became a spooky ghost!" In hindsight, dying from starvation would've been less embarrassing, wouldn't it? :P In fact, I probably will never hear the end of this... ever. This was way back when and it's still being brought up frequently
  3. Don't get me wrong, I do find them annoying myself, but for me that is the point of hounds/Cave Worms to begin with. What I have an issue with, is the statement that they are just flat-out bad game design and then trying to explain it objectively with completely subjective arguments like "unfair". I feel like some sort of enemy waves are a stable of games like that, DS is not the only game having them...and again the fact that opinions are so divided about this also proofs that it is basically just personal preference...that Klei accounted for by giving you the option to turn them off. I do agree that responding to these preferences with "How about you just get gud" is problematic as well, especially when we talk constructive criticism and ideas to maybe improve the mechanic. There's always room for improvements! And having these waves switch up from time to time...or adding new variants or something like that would be kinda awesome
  4. When I started playing the game without any changes to it, mod-wise or in the world settings, the things I found annoying/unfair was Frog Rain, Poison Birchnut Trees and Disease...At the beginning beginning, I even turned off entire seasons because I couldn't handle them. Hound Waves however I never touched. It didn't even occur to me to turn that mechanic off despite knowing I could. Which is why I greatly disagree with OP here. Hound attacks make the early game just the right amount of challenging to me...and given the fact that - despite I'm having like 400+ hours in the game now - I still see myself more on the "noob" side of things, they are still a neat challenge to me late game too (because everything always is xD). Sure they are tedious, and my reaction to Wickerbottom saying "something is approaching" or hearing the hound sounds always is something along the lines of "oh s***, here we go again -.-" Because yes, they ALWAYS interrupt something, but instant death? Like even if they surprise me somewhere incredibly unsafe with no defense on myself or nearby, I legit always manage to simply outrun them, since their attention shifts rather quickly to something else if they cannot get a bite out of you. They are only a threat if you just had to deal with something else and are almost dead already and/or in combination with nighttime around the corner...that's when they usually get me... Either them or Charlie :P I still rather enjoy the mechanic, despite everything. Which is why I never turned them off or even just lowered the frequency. I (still) find stuff like the Poison Birchnut and Frog rain so much more annoying because you get no warning in advance (like with the hounds or the giants) and so you cannot make sure to have these spawn away from your base. The Birchnut is super easy to avoid though, which granted, hounds are not unless turned off, but I don't know. Like someone else already said, without them hounds it's just a game about picking berries, carrots and having a thermal stone. And I mean... I also see them as somewhat of a reliable source for meat delivered right to you So yeah I wouldn't generally say they are bad and its bad game design...proof of the replies being split over that one as well. It's just to each their own. If you don't like them, turn them off. Problem solved <3