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Let Wormwood activate bramble traps somehow

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Please allow me to activate traps somehow. Each trap has the potential to deal 400 damage and its most reliable use is for hounds. How amazing would it be if I could hit them to activate all the traps around me in a 1 tile radius. 

Even if I could somehow fit 10 in a tile that would be 400 burst damage. And a total potential damage of 4,000 at the cost of 200 hp. Sounds like a lot but it would take...

Mighty Wolfgang less than 4 hits with a fresh hambat

Wigfrid about 5 hits

Wendy about 4 hits with abi

Having some way to activate them on command would give them more uses. They cost Wormwood hp and I'd love to add it to his kit against bosses. :) Would be Op late game (everything is op late game) but so is Spicy Chaud-froid and no one complains about that :) . Did I mention it costs 200 hp every 10 traps :)

Or let flying enemies activate them. I would say is not even as exploitable as Winona's catapults since they have durability. 

Edit: You cant even stack them with catapults because they will damage them. 

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