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Webber Concept: Monster-Boy duality

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I was thinking just for fun about how Webber's refresh could be explored and focused on his duality of being a monster and a boy and I had some ideas of how is character's gameplay identity could be split with a core mechanic I'm calling a Feral Meter. I'm not sure how to cohesively order my thoughts as this was just a fun thing, so bear with me:

 This Feral Meter would trigger certain mechanics upon filling up letting the spider part of him take a hold of his being and triggering new things. Upon becoming Feral, Webber gains a slightly increased hunger drain rate, increased damage and speed multiplier, and a mild-moderate sanity drain aura for allies around Webber, angering nearby pigmen and bunnymen (that as of now are currently always hostile with him), and fearing neutral/docile creatures away from him. In this form he thrives in the night/darkness and gains night vision and Charlie protection while gaining a mild-moderate amount of sanity from the darkness. He would maintain the Feral form for longer by remaining in combat (which takes a priority in keeping his feral form up over decreasing values that will soon be discussed), or continuously consuming monster meat (or meat in general?), and just generally has it drop a little more slowly while in darkness. His Feral form will fade as he is in the light from daylight or other sources, and/or remaining docile from combat (and I was exploring the idea of vegetables helping as a counter to compliment the other half of his nature that I wish to discuss). So coming up with arbitrary values for the Feral Meter from 0-100, Webber slowly gains Feral(ity?) during dusk, and gains moderate+ amounts by engaging in combat and consuming monster meat (which has no health or sanity penalty for him still) and becomes feral upon 100 points.

Now, as for the regular boy portion for him, he is generally regarded as a nice caretaking fellow the others of the constant have learned to understand over a course of time. Friendly players in a sizeable radius of Webber when he isn't Feral has a mild positive sanity aura. Pigmen and Bunnymen recognize the boy in him and are no longer hostile to him unless he becomes Feral. Docile/neutral creatures will not run away from him and allow Webber to have special interactions. For example, a special pet/coax interaction between Webber and a grass gecko will allow them to shed their tails for 3 grass as opposed to the 1 (slower but not without benefit especially if the animation isn't too long.) He can approach volt goats and gather milk from them without the need to kill them (these ideas can stretch to a bunch of mobs such as koalefants and such). He can craft a special lure to gather these creatures as well (this is mildly inspired from a forumer's suggestion that his father may have been a farmer and is a cool idea!). He also enjoys general work such as farming and gains sanity from performing tasks like that.

And just general things as a boy he is still always in sync with his spider part of him and is not afraid of the dark and feels comfortable in the caves. He should also be able to generally craft cave spider dens, and have the ability to craft moon spider dens when near the celestial altar. Perhaps a random craft of a spider-web ball made of silk that he can toss at enemies to slow them down?

Potentially there could be more to expand upon this mechanic in particular, or just additional things for him beyond this, but it was just fun to think about. Thoughts? I also think him getting better combat options allows more room to get people like Wolfgang more diverse as he currently is just a bottomless stomach killing machine which could be way more interesting.

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