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Lua's goto statement

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Hi so I'm trying to use the goto statement here, but I get the error message "= expected near continue", which means, it seems to me, that "goto" was not registered as a statement, but instead as a variable. Am I doing something else wrong? Or is the "goto" statement invalid in the Lua that DST uses?


            for k, stage in pairs(inst.components.growable.stages) do
                print('speeding up growth', k, stage, stage.time)
                if not stage.time then goto continue end
                if type(stage.time) == 'function' then
                    local old = stage.time
                    stage.time = function(...) return old(table.unpack{...}) / GrowthMultiplier end
                elseif type(stage.time) == 'number' then
                    stage.time = stage.time / GrowthMultiplier


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