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Milkmade hat and Wortox

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Currently milkmade hat restores 2 times less hunger for Wortox thanĀ for any other character, and since it's not the case for jellybeans and soothing tea, I wonder if that's intentional. In case that is intentional, I suggest to change it to give full amount of food, just like exceptions mentioned above give full amount of health and sanity over time (only initial healing/sanity is halfed), because I think that gives the incentive to farm molebats and goat milk more for Wortox player, as well as seek lunar island sooner. It still would require a lot of work, Wortox still would rely on eating souls a lot unless he bases in lunar grotto (in wich case neither souls are hard to get, nor sanity is a problem anyway, and he still would need to use weapon and spend time), and just for the sake of consistency with jellybeans/soothing tea I would appreciate this change.

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