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Auto Restart Debris Furnace - Superheated debris & Buried debris temperature reset

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I want to use @ghkbrew's Debris Furnace for my colonies. But Save and Load sometimes stops it with a natural tile. I tried to restart it automatically.


1.Debris Furnance works forever without heating

@ghkbrew's Debris Furnance works forever without heating. This is a compact version of the Debris Furnance.

Debris melt at melting temperature, but solid tiles melt at melting temperature+3℃. When solid tiles are dug at melting temperature+2℃, superheated debris drop.

Superheated debris don't melt until heat exchange. Airflow tiles in vacuum keep superheated debris and insulated tiles melt superheated debris without heating.


The insulated tile at the left of the debris must exchange heat with magma. Build it with Ceramic (Don't use Insulation) and cool it. If magma don't exchange heat with the insulated tile, superheated debris exchange heat and melt.



2.Save and Load stops debris furnunces with natural tiles

After Save and Load, supercooled magma sometimes become a natural tile and bury debris. (If the mass of debris is too light (<1850kg?), debris combine with the natural tile.)


When this natural tile is dug, buried debris combine with debris of the dug tile. Temperture of combined debris becomes the natural tile's temperture. Temperature of buried debris is ignored.

The natural tile must be superheated before digging. 2-stage door can heat it accurately.



3.AutoRestart Debris Furnances

3.1 Turbine Tower

Until Save and Load, debris furnances work without heating. So infinite turbines work with one pile of debris. (But only 20 turbines work with one conveyor rail.)



3.2 Natural Tile Heater

The critter sensor detects a natural tile and becomes red. The 2-stage door heats the natural tile and the robo-miner digs it. While heating, a little magma drops on the natural tile and become cool debris. The mesh tile prevent combination of cool debris and superheated debris. Cool debris are sent to weight plates which alert lack of superheated debris.


The mass of the natural tile is 1~8kg. Cost of heating light tiles is low.


3.3 Vacuumed Arbor Trees

Arbor tree branches are always 25℃ at spawning time. Trees are insulated from hot oil. (I skipped building power wires for aquatuners.)



3.4 Setup

  1. Set the critter sensor to red and close the sweeper's door. Put cool igneous rock debris in the automatic dispenser. The mass of debris must be less than 25t. (Too heavy debris don't combine with others.)
  2. Drop a little supercooled magma on the debris and pause. Save and Load with liquid supercooled magma tile.
  3. The natural tile is heated and dug automaticaly. Set the critter sensor green and open the sweeper's door.


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