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Wendy's Abigail Glitch

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Hi, Wendy is my favorite character and I love what you have created. Thank you. I am reaching day 1000 now and feel like I have finally truly defeated the game.

But, there's a single issue! I purchased the Abigail reskins and every time I sweep her and then return her, then summon her out again, she goes back to default skin -_- it's so annoying!! Please fix this? =/ I beg.

So far, if I sweep her, disconnect, log back in, all good. She still has the skin. But the second I return her. That's it. Better go back home and get the sweeper out. At this point, I'm just like.. screw it. Sweep her when I get a hot second.

If you fix this.. I will love you. Cheers!

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