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Dupes can now stop what they are doing to do an other task. That's a nice idea, but when the task they are doing is "carry polluted dirt from toilets to storage", that became not so nice. They drop polluted dirt where they are, and we can't full micro dupes so germs qwickly goes into food.

I don't really know if it's a feature or not intended, but now excess dirt is kicked out of toilets. So the nice dupe who clean it can now pick it (and drop a ton of germs on it) and use it for something else, like fertilize mealwood. 

I thing that's a good idea to have germs, but early on i really don't like this two things, that mean i will have to micro a lot with tools not made for micro, and in my opinion, that's the best way to hate something. I don't think add more stuff to check "germs or no germs" is a good idea, but you can give us more control on dupes : just force a dupe to do a task will be fine for me.

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