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Story Specific Convo Tags

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I was excited when I see story specific sleep dialog with smith. Depending on whether theorux and mullifee is killed or not, his sleep dialog changes. I thought there's a new event going on, but apparently the implementation is just this:

function ConvoUtil.DoSleep(cxt, post_dialog, post_fn)
        -- ...
        --this is not great, but it's really late in the project, so...
        local extra_tags = {}
        if cxt.player:GetContentID() == "SMITH" then
            local theroux = TheGame:GetGameState():GetAgentOrMemento( "THEROUX" )
            local mullifee = TheGame:GetGameState():GetAgentOrMemento( "MULLIFEE" )
            if theroux then
                if theroux:IsAlive() then
                    table.insert(extra_tags, "theroux_alive")
                elseif theroux:IsDead() then
                    table.insert(extra_tags, "theroux_dead")
            if mullifee then
                if mullifee:IsAlive() then
                    table.insert(extra_tags, "mullifee_alive")
                elseif mullifee:IsDead() then
                    table.insert(extra_tags, "mullifee_dead")

        cxt:Quip(nil, "go_to_sleep", cxt.player:GetContentID(), loc.format("day{1}", TheGame:GetGameState():GetActProgress() or 1), table.unpack(extra_tags))
        -- ...

Suffice to say, it's very disappointing.

Make it like a broadcastable event or something and let the main quest of day 3 listen to that event or something.

Insert that event broadcaster in Encounter:LookupQuip or something.

Or do something like this, which is what I did for my mod:

local old_fn = Agent.FillOutQuipTags
function Agent:FillOutQuipTags(tags)
    old_fn(self, tags)
    if TheGame:GetGameState() then
        for id, quest in TheGame:GetGameState():ActiveQuests() do
            if quest:GetQuestDef().fill_out_quip_tags then
                quest:DefFn("fill_out_quip_tags", tags, self)

But instead of appending to Agent.FillOutQuipTags, insert it in Encounter:LookupQuip. I can't do that because it's not a good idea for mods to replace existing functions completely, but for the base game it is way easier to directly modify the source code.

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