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Reduce consumption of computer performance

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Dst being a 32bits game means that it wont access to all your computer performance which already makes having huge amounts of things on screen a pain which is how old worlds ends via mega basing, a logical thing in a game with sandbox and crafting components. In old worlds is rare to keep 60fps in certain areas like main bases or farms due to items and mobs (this are the worst because of pathfinding), also seeds rotting off screen, bees and spiders fighting in spring and twiggy trees dropping trees fills the world with items that are annoying to gather (idk if them being ofscreen actually affects performance). Not having an stable fps rate exhaust our eyes to the point of not being able to play confortable or even affecting the gameplay.

But the worts thing i have sign is lightbugs and weeds. Few lightbugs will makes the fps totally unestable making them, as a found of light, nearly useless due to being a problem instead of a solution.

Weeds also consume a good a portion of resources since they fill abandonned farms (abandonned for few seasons..) which makes soil unable to be used as decoration ( i wish we could use salt to prevent nothing growing in soil) and big farms a problem

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