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Skins and migration

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I've been a console player (PS4) for over a year now. While I love the game, my biggest gripe is that it's impossible to host a 500+ day server without lag. I'd like to play more on PC (well, Mac technically) but my hesitation is that I've already invested heavily in skins, including daily chests, twitch drops, and outright purchases. I'm going to assume that all of these skins just aren't transferable to another account type, correct? I'm 99.9% certain about this but I thought I'd ask.

What I'd really like to know is if Klei has any interest in resolving these long-lived world lag times. They've been known issues for years and it's disheartening to see that it's still a major problem. For this next console generation I went with a Series X. I'm also going to assume that transfers between Sony and MS aren't possible, either? I have no issues repurchasing the game and even starting up a new world but it's really the skins that I'd miss. Still, how much of a difference does a next gen console make with regards to this console version lag issue? 

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