A little bit light in the night.

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I was playing in my base, I was picking some berries and went night. It was so dark, the fire pit was so near from me, I wasn't seeing anything, I spammed logs on the floor to try to find my fire pit, I had no grass to do fastly a torch.

My suggestion is: A little bit of light around the character in the night, to just find a way around to survive in the night fastly. Like walking just to find three grasses to make a torch and survive.

The game is so good! Hope you guys will keep working on it.

Best Regards,


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There a discussion on this, as recently Kevin explained the duration of camp fires have been reduced, while the area of light they generate has been increased. The problem is the transition from burning fire to extinguished is a bit too... sudden. I admit, even I've been caught off guard and had my fire pit extinguished. Of course I learned my lesson a long while back and always carry a torch in my inventory. That allowed me to generate the light I needed to locate and restart the fire pit.

One solution that has been suggested as a "quick fix" is to have the character comment on the fire dying out 5-10 seconds before it does, giving you enough time to react. The more technical solution was to have the light area diminish all the way down to a small area and faster than before to indicate how mush faster the fire burns.

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