Automatic grab with the boomerang

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The boomerang is one of the WORST weapons out there, because I have to press the "X" button on PS4 to grab the boomerang out of the air manually and I have to be close to the boomerang because if I'm not close and press the "X" button the character he begins to interact with his surroundings, like grabbing a grass when he wanted to grab the boomerang. You understand me? and leaving the player vulnerable to the Boomerang hitting him and also breaking the weapon faster, I only ask you to put a mod called "Auto Catch" on the consoles and this will improve the weapon a lot, since it is not necessary to put a "minigame" in him to the boomerang since in a fight such a weapon will not be really useful and then I will choose a melee weapon as it will be more useful and easier, as well as it does more damage. I just want you to put that in "game options" so that at least they let us choose if we want the character to automatically grab the boomerang, we don't all have great reflexes, you know?

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