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Dedicated Server Pi4

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I am looking to host a dedicated server on my raspberry pi 4. I understand the languages are different (amd vs arm) but am curious if anyone has found a work around using something like docker or anything. This would be supper clutch as I would not have to host on my desktop. Any insight would be appriciated.

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Docker still uses the host system for libraries, etc and therefore should suffer the same restrictions as running it directly on the host.

Only way I can think of would be virtualisation, but I think you can imagine how abyssmal the performance would be, considering that many people have performance issues on full grown x86 CPUs.

So pretty certain it's not gonna work in any satisfactory way unless Klei compiles an ARM version. (Which I would absoutely support.)

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I also wanted to do this, but the ARM issue makes it pretty impossible.  Klei could probably recompile for ARM, but I don't think Steam has a build for ARM anyway so it would complicate a lot of things.  You could also try: https://github.com/ptitSeb/box86

There are also some x86 SBCs out there but they're pretty much all more expensive. 

The server itself though is pretty lightweight, though, so you could probably run it on an older x86 box without too much trouble.

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