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AETN Lime juice (Liquid chlorine plus storage)

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Hmm, friday...

I was undecided whether to post this one... Low hanging fruit that anyone could figure out shouldn't be popular... right? (This will be one of my next builds in my survival base...)

Well, here goes anyways. "Spoiler alert" it can be done without space juice, but it will help tremendously. I didn't test with ethanol but it can be used, I guess.

So, to kick off the weekend, you get a liquid chlorine setup. AETN is required because in the remote possibility that we're not using all of that lovely disinfecting gas then we infini-freeze-storage the thing and fuggedaboutit, just because infinite storage is boring.

Storytime: you get a (or some) chlorine geyser(s) and realize not most of the "precious" product is being used up and there's that pesky AETN lying about like an eyesore because your AT/ST setup makes you care less about that precious piece of tech you can't even rebuild to your convenience and it's not powerful enough to use beyond cooling some O2.

Say no more, just use it to do some actual useful storage and have it ready for when you'll eventually want to tackle farming some gas grass, or whatever that may be...

This build does not show how to build around the AETN. Some like to automate the thingmajig and "save" some hydrogen or do some "exact cooling" with it... I've seen the light provided by gravitas and let the thing roll, yes, that's right let it work inside an insulated box until it says "too cold". Heat exchangers are bacon savers.

3 plastic pumps are used in the build, in order from left to right:

  • 1 to send chlorine to the freezer.
  • 1 to send to the evaporator.
  • 1 to send to a gas grass farm. (And in darkness bind them?, nah)

Lots of ceramic insulation was used where it counts and steel doors are used for the heat exchangers (thermium is not needed but I guess it can be used for the doors). The ice is brine ice, just on account of its thermal conductivity. I dare you to try and freeze polluted water without losing the vacuum and making progress in the build (It will be annoying, for sure).

Radiant plumbing: copper to the very minimum, aluminium to the very best before thermium.

Radiant gas pipes: steel in heat exchangers.

Metal tiles: gold, copper or aluminium... You get the drift.

Insulated tile and gas pipes: ceramic...

The piping for the third pump should be something that's not insulated, I built them with wolframite (surely you can spare 3 segments of pipe) but can be radiant. Just don't activate the pump before their temperatures are up to par so you won't bust them.

Only 1 permanent liquid lock for dupe access :).

So here is the deluge of screenshots...

The segments to the top left and right are for showing where some products of this build goes... The gas grass farm hasn't been built, naturally.



Gas bridge on the top is the chlorine gas input...

The big hydrogen loop feeds from the AETN, coldest gas is used on the left side first for the freezer. Little one is a stabilizer (just copper ore for radiant gas pipes does the job on this one.)


Minimal amounts of super coolant have been used and the ice is used as a temperature stabilizer (IIRC: don't go below -114 if using ethanol):


No big secrets in automation, worthy of note are the two hydro sensors. Bottom one senses >10 kg to make sure there's enough to pump stably, top one can be activated > 0 if you just want one layer of liquid. The atmo sensor is set to 1kg to make sure we're not pumping a vacuum.

A timer sensor for the auto sweeper (10 on 50 off) will prevent unneeded activation.

A liquid tepidizer can be used instead of the little space heater that could, reader's choice.


If we're out of lime juice, thaw some:


Finally, power... Doesn't get to 2KW, really.


Hope you enjoyed.

Edit: Added a couple of mirror builds with some planned scaffolding... (I did say I'd build this...)


And automation... Seemed easier... this way around.



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