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Reset countdown on dedi server - may be disabled?

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Is there any way to disable (or extend to several hours) the world reset countdown which starts when all playes are dead?
Asking because I run a server with survival gamemode to play with friends, but can't monitor it all the time. So when a guy playing alone dies (while all others are offline and I'm not watching) the countdown starts and resets the world, wasting dozens of ingame days of playtime.

I know about endless gamemode, but it makes the game easier to play and I wouldn't prefer that, unless there is no other option...

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What you describe right there is pretty much the endless gamemode, unless you want to change back to the default timer whenever everyone plays together, or you want to have the challenge enabled.

As alternative to changing gamemodes, I'd just do automatic backups of your map in regular intervals, so all you'd be losing would be a set timeframe, probably mostly of what whoever died made, which is kinnda a straight up built in punishment for the person who died. :P

This can easily be done with a little script, that copies the world to a different location. Keep in mind that you need to keep the rotation long enough till the next time you look at the server, to avoid overwriting your old world with the freshly generated one.

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