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Tamed Beefalo Chest Slot

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I Recently have been testing Mufasa (My ornary beefy friend) as a boss killing weapon but I'm always worried about his health status as I don't want him to die.

As we were destroying Klaus today I started to image how cool it would be to ride him into battle as he was wearing a nice battle armour (like tamed animals used for war usually would) that would absorb some % of damage like the ordinary player amours would and I think a beefalo chest slot would fit nicely into the game and could make the beefalo taming more attractive as other itens could be added like a beefalo backpack (like woby but with less spaces to not disbalance the caracter) depending on the gameplay style of the player. Another idea would be a lantern holder

I don't know what you guys think of it or if it would make beefalo taming op but I think it's an idea to entertain specially in the year of the beefalo

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