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  1. I'm curious to see the most played caracters and the least played ones and the reasons why you enjoy this one in particular the most. I recently watched a orangE video where he tries to find that out by seeing the players in random public servers and the results where interesting. Personally I play Wigfrid and Wendy but I main Wig since I enjoy killing bosses and I can easily kill every boss without healing or sanity foods with her.
  2. I'm curious to see what's the most popular choices of base location. Personally I decide differently depending on each world but i'm always hoping that the oasis desert is in a central location to base there.
  3. It's no surprise that these itens are a bit useless and should receive a rework. My suggestion for the thermometer is that upon examining it your caracter will read the world temperature from it. It's not much but knowing if the world is above 80º can tell if your safe from wildfires, or if it's below 0º and things will stop growing. For the rainometer I know the game has a "world wetness" hidden variable that constantly increases and when it reaches a certain point it rains. My suggestion would be set the values in % and when the world reaches 100% wetness/moisture/humidity it starts raining. This way your caracter can constantly be examining the machine to see the value increasing (i.e. 60% 80% 95% and then know that rain is about to come). This is specially useful for people who likes to take advantage of electrical damage and needs to wait for the rain.
  4. Perfect! I posted this as a suggestion a while back Make a tool that when equipped it shows the ground around the player on a dotted grid and allows to build a structure centered on the dot (essentially what the geometric placement mod does). My suggestion was the measuring tape tool with a suggested recipe of 1x rope and 1x feather pencil but anything really would make me happy since precise building is very important in some parts of the game and in the recent farming overhaul it is even required to be able to place the crops close enough to make them giant.
  5. That seems a really nice base location for wicker You even have a reed trap set piece by the wormhole
  6. Seed: 1619698716 The forest and cave seeds are the same The "demo version" is from the printscreen software gadwin printscreen *Also the Archipelago spawned far from the island and squeezed in the main land
  7. Yea I created this world just for some Crab King practice as wendy and upon revealing the map I was surprised with it. I think it would be fun to try a base close to the island.
  8. That was the weirdest map generation I've seen. I didn't even know it was possible
  9. Found a weird solution I hammered the altars and started trying different permutations of fissures (all the permutations were close enough) and by the fourth try it worked for some reason. I have no idea why this worked. As you can see on the video by the night time on the clock the moonstorm event is already started. The initial placement of the altars did summon the mysterious energy and started the moonstorm event but it disappeared later. The moonstorm event continues to be active despite this bug. If you don't have the patience to watch me moving the altar pieces around skip to 30s; 2min15s; 2min50s; 4min30s. Thats when I complete the different permutations Vlc-Record-2021-04-28-16H57m57s-2021-04-28 06-56-46.Mkv--1.m4v
  10. The mysterious energy disappeares when I leave the server and enter again I'm doing an all bosses run and the celestial champion is the only one left. I collected all the material to build the siphonator but when I got back to the lunar island the mysterious energy was gone and I could not place the incomplete experiment. I tried to see if it would happend in another world so I recreated the conditions in creative mode and when I relog on the server it was gone again. *Side note: There were a few bugs that I encountered through this playthrough like the antlion and the oasis lake not spawning during summer unless I close and reopen the server. Also there was a visual bug where I would pick up something and the item would seem to disappear and wouldn't make any picking up sound but it was actually picked and was invisible in my inventory. This bug was usually solved by manually replacing the slot where the item was with something else (then the image of the item would appear and in the correct amount).
  11. If you are willing to solve this with mods the force biomes mod works well since it forces caves and ruins biomes too. In the configurations of the mod set the following: More Altars: On Muddy Sacred: On
  12. The Measuring Tape "For those with a keen sense of symmetry" When Equipped it shows the ground around the player in a dotted 4x4 grid per pitchfork tile (or 1 wall unit) allowing you to place structures precisely centred on them (Could be used in farming aswell). Suggested Recipe: 1x Rope and 1x Feather Pencil It essentially does what the geometric placement mod does but it would be nice to have it as a ingame feature and not having to rely on mods The Geometric Placement mod is the only mod that I have a hard time turning it off since it's important to have a precise configuration of structures in certain situations and most importantly because I can't stare at assimetrical things without my brain melting.
  13. That was the supposition and what the wiki says but the actual hunger drain in game is 77.5 hunger/day or 155 in 2 days. If you test this in game you will start starving around 15 seconds before you were supposed to
  14. So the Wiki tells that the hunger drains at a rate of 9.375 a min or 75 a day (9.375*8min = 75). If you start the game with a full belly and a 150 hunger caracter like wendy you should expect to start feeling hungry exactly at dawn of day 3 but you actually start starving mid way through the night of day 2 suggesting that you consume more than 150 hunger per 2 days. I did the testing and it seems that you consume 155 hunger/2days or 77.5 per day I know that it might be a silly difference but the hunger value of food in the game is usually based on the "time" of hunger it gives the player to make it easy to calculate. Suppose 75 hunger is what you consume in a day Seeds gives 4.6875 hunger or 1/16 of a day (1 segment or 30secs) Honey, butterfly wings and berries gives 9.375 hunger or 1/8 of a day (2 segments or 1min) Morsel, cooked berries gives 12.5 hunger or 1/6 of a day Monster Meat gives 18.75 hunger or 1/4 of a day Meat gives 25 hunger or 1/3 of a day Meat balls gives 62.5 hunger or 5/6 of a day So you can see how the game gives you easy fractions to help you plan your hunger needs. Ex: If I have 6 meats in my inventory I know i'm good for 2 days or if I have 1 meat balls and a morsel so I know I got 1 day of food left. So what do you guys think? The wiki is wrong or the hunger drain is a bit bugged? Do you guys prefer that the food values in fractions and the hunger drain matches up or you don't care?
  15. It's really a forgotten item and needs a improvement I always imagined it being better if it "absorbed" the darkness around it kinda creating a ring of light while the middle is dark (like a doughnut shape)