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DST Custom Character coding HELP

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So I wanted to make a custom character in DST but there is a part of the idea that I don't know how to code and couldn't find any tutorials about it, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out

I was originally thinking of a character that could resurrect after death yet every time after resurrection the maximum sanity will decline 25 (Originally starts off with 150 sanity). I think I could handle other part of the idea except for this part that I absolutely have no clue how to code. It would be better if the coding includes that he leaves no skeleton but two nightmare fuels when he dies but I suppose this part could be optional...

Could anyone help me with this??


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inst:ListenForEvent("respawnfromghost", function_name)
--this should check for when you respanwed

This will run a function every time you resurrected from a ghost

inst.components.sanity:AddSanityPenalty(reason, percent_amount)
--reason is used to identify the reason when removing later

--reason is given and then removed

these are the function and a basic description of how it works

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maybe clarify a thing
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