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[Mod Concept] Sweet Moreef finally snaps

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This is Sweet Moreef. Everyone loves him, and everyone bullies him non-stop.

One day, Sweet Moreef had enough of everyone's crap and finally snaps.


Battle Mechanics:




For his neutral special, he wields a double-barrel shotgun. It has two chambers, which can be equipped with a variety of shells, from the standard lumin shell, to the war-criminal ones like coagulant shells. Each shells has a different effect when consumed by a ranged attack card that consumes shotgun shells.

A ranged card may instructs you to consume a shell. When consuming a shell, the left most unused shell is selected and consumed, and its effect is applied to the card.

For example, suppose that Sweet has 1 shell loaded: the lumin shell, which, when consumed, adds "applies 2 lumin burn" to the card effect. Another ranged card may say "Consume a shell", which consumes a lumin shell, and each of the attacks of that card now applies 2 lumin burn on hit. Most consume shell effects are mandatory, so you have to have at least 1 shell loaded in order to play that card, but some cards allow you to consume shell to gain additional effects.

Shells don't automatically regenerate. Special card effect may instruct you to load a shell of a particular type or reload(which replenish all consumed shells with the shells you had before).

Examples of shells:

Lumin shell: Apply 2 lumin burn on hit.

Spark shell: Attack deals 2 bonus damage.

Barbed shell: Attack Apply 2 bleed.

Smoke shell: Attack deals half damage, but applies 2 crippled.

Coagulant shell: Take a page out of Vixmalli's book, reduce enemy max health permanently by 5.

Examples of cards:

Headshot: 2 cost, 8 piercing damage. Consume a shell.

Spread shot: 2 cost, 4~6 to all enemies. Consume a shell.

Moreef's arsenal: 1 cost, improvise from a pool of special cards that loads a few particular shells, or reloads shells.

Other notable mechanics:

Moreef is a jarackle, so naturally he gets a lot of strength. There are some melee cards, and some cards that gives you adrenaline or power, similar to Smith.

His game style is resource management and burst damage, as his attacks are very brutal, but costs a lot in terms of shells and actions. Requires constant reloading and resource management.


Negotiation mechanics:



Moreef is a bartender, and is very sweet(before he snaps). As such, a lot of his diplomacy cards allows him to gain influence and resolve. However, as he snaps, he becomes psychotic, which means that his hostile cards has a lot more power at the cost of his resolve. His playstyle is similar to Smith's combat playstyle, but it's negotiation instead.

His core argument has two versions: Sweet Moreef, and Sadistic Moreef. It can change with card effects.

Sweet Moreef: At the start of your turn, you and your opponent's core each restores 1 resolve. In the case where your opponent's core is non-existent due to special negotiation effect, a random argument gains that 1 resolve instead.

Sadistic Moreef: At the start of his turn, your core takes 2 resolve damage. All your cards deals double damage.

Other mechanics:

Sweet Moreef has a lot more using influence as a resource. It can convert to things like resolve, flustered, things like that.

His hostile cards may incept intimidation and animosity, two other mechanics tied to hostility.

(Yeah you can tell how much more work I put into the combat mechanics than negotiation mechanics. My reasoning is that if America taught me anything, it's that gun=funny.)

(Anyway, those are my idea for a modded Sweet Moreef PC. I don't have much time, as finals is coming up and there are a bunch of assignments. I also need to work on my Democratic Race mode if I have time. Either way, I may or may not actually make this, depends on how much time I have on my hands, but if you want to make this mod, let me know.)

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