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Help- character mod crashes after adding code for follower

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I'm working on a custom character for a friend's birthday next month and have been trying to add a follower. The end goal is to make it a cat but for now I just need to make it work.

I'm working from the esctemplate base for shipwrecked and using Yakuzashi's  custom follower template to try and make the follower.


The mod was working,  but when I finished transferring and renaming things for the follower the new mod would cause the game to say "the mod is out of date" and then crash.

the link below should have the crash log, the working zip[before adding the mod], and the broken follower zip [after attempting to add the mod]

(I had to do the drive link because the files were too large)


I'm rather new to modding so any insight would be appreciated!

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