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Split screen not working

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Can't get the split screen to work.

I've logged into PS on different accounts (one controller is lit up blue, the other red). Apparently I'm supposed to hit the options button on the second controller to get split screen mode to engage, but it does nothing. I've tried doing it during the setup phase as well as during gameplay.

What am I doing wrong? 

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That is the order that I use in PS4:

  1. turn on ps4
  2. log into player1
  3. press PS button ang log into player2
  4. turn on the game
  5. Pick online mode
  6. in MENU mode by default game is loggin player 1
  7. then i press option on second cotroller
  8. first player picks host game etc

In MENU mode you need to wait few seconds before the game actually logs second player. Hope it will help

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I don't think that you can't use this. I go with online mode for one reason only - the only change you get is ability to unlock new skins. When you pick map settings first tab allows you to set the game into local only so you play online-local only mode. No one can't join from outside.

I'm also pretty sure that i have played offline on splitscreen following same rules. Just to clarify: on the MENU screen there is no split screen. Only info that there is a second player should be seen with second nickname in the right corner. player one sets everything about the map and the first time you see player2 is when you pick heroes. Before that - there is no splitt screen

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15 hours ago, Javoza said:

Thanks for this. So I can't use split-screen in offline mode? Do you know why? 


I use DST exclusively offline and play with my wife.

Profile1 with controller 1: After launching the game, hit "play Offline" dialog box to play offline. When you get to the menu screen (don't select any games yet), hit options button on the controller 2 and then select player 2 profile.

You should then see the 2nd player's profile in the upper right hand corner of menu screen

Now, you can browse to your offline game.



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