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A "boring" ethanol distillery build. The SPUD.

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It's Friday, and to commemorate the fact, it's been decided by the powers that be that a build be shared...

I present the SPUD ("Self" Powered Unifying Distillery - No potatoes included.)  A build that is mostly brownout free, but within acceptable range. Power consumption gets up to 3.5KW but generation is up to 3150W tops so another mini generator inside would be useful, but it is nice as is. AT is connected to big mains so no hitches were seen in its operation

A lot of spot cooling was done in order to get this working without hitch and to the dismay of some, liquid locks abound.

Only mod used was "Omni flora" for the lighting/extra decor in the compost area. I.e.: not required.

What's unified in the build:

  • Fuel is appropriately accumulated. "Factory" is kickstarted by a single wood burner and mainly powered by a petroleum generator. Build generates regular & steady excess ethanol for farming purposes ( More than 4 nosh plants can be farmed but I haven't tested that far.)
  • Byproduct processing: Carbon dioxide is properly skimmed. Polluted dirt is regularly composted.
  • Byproduct disposal: all clean dirt & polluted dirt is properly collected and stored away from heat sensitive areas in the same pool as lumber... Polluted water is sent elsewhere useful.

Neat features:

  • Minimal duplicant interaction: They're only required to flip dirt. Access to "task generating" equipment is restricted/cut off but build maintains serviceability.
  • Copper ore everywhere. Only 1 steel AT is needed (AT/ST cooling). Other refined metals are for automation and cooling.
  • No fancy materials are needed, but if concerned about LL safety then visco-gel is a welcome material (less than 200kg is more than enough). Ceramic as insulation is the minimum for the AT/ST bit and important piping sections, the rest used igneous rock. Keen eyes will spot other fancy stuff but it can be done without.
  • Overall build temperature hovers the 45ºC mark but gets colder in idle periods. AT automation is set to 35ºC so water can be used as coolant.
  • Output dirt is around 50ºC-60ºC, this is not a dirt cooling station, though.
  • Composts are mafic rock (should have been sedimentary but was feeling fancy at the time): no real threat as SHC is low enough to disregard their heat generation.

Many routing decisions were based on personal laziness of digging up abyssalite.

Without further ado, the screenshots:




Metals, still working on unifying most materials, but the working bits are copper ore, just because:



Pipes, power & shipping:

Edit: Trimmed some pipes and made the loop nicer. Old loop remains inside spoiler tag.





And finally, temperatures:


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I like this design, thanks for sharing ! 
This is the point at which every civilisation comes sooner or later : brewing strong stuff to fill stomach or run cars and whatnot.
Builds like this want me to have the "mealwood flambé" recipe ;) 

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