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[Solved] Handslot item sprite not loading when held or on the ground

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I know this is a repost from last week, but I am getting desperate here. Basically, I changed the weapon and swap_weapon sprites for a handslot item in my Mod, but the sprite appears invisible while eqquiped and on ground. I tried to look for help on other forum posts, but nothing has worked. The item in particular is titled "sanityspear", even though the item "sanitysword" has this problem too (however I think the sword will have the same solution). Please help me with this, as I want to go back to working on updating my mod as fast as possible. I have tried posting this issue on reddit and the Don't Starve forum, but I haven't gotten any help from those forums either. I am willing to get help over a discord call if you want me to, just please dm me via my forum profile about it. Any kind of help would be appreciated.Wayne_The_Experiment-1.2.zip

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