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RoG with Shipwrecked Ocean?


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As the title says is it possible to make a mod that merges some of the content from RoG and Shipwrecked. So that we get a world that is almost same as RoG but with the waters of Shipwrecked. And would be the mod simple like just adding 'require' and or a lot of coding to do like making a complete 'Modworldgen'?

I did some data mining and found the main files that could make this project possible these are (there could be some files that I missed)

1. water.lua

2. watergen.lua

3. water_content.lua

4. water_boon.lua

5. oceanfog.lua 

6.  And the Texture and other misc. files

And if it is possible to make this mod is it possible to make islands and maybe add that Quacken can still spawn? Making it much like in DST, like it has crabby hermit's and lunar island.

Anyone who is intrested, there is a mod called "Shipwrecked & More" in the Steam Workshop , but it's worldgen is different from what I want as it uses the Shipwrecked's worldgen rather than that of RoG's.

EDIT: If someone one is making this kind of mod or some is interested in this, plz I would love to help you make the mod!

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