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Wormhole question

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Hi! Dragolantis here, I have a question. I'm trying to make a town server and it has a wilderness area where you can scrounge for materials, I want to make a wormhole in that area that has a 50% chance to go to one wormhole, and a 50% chance to go to another one. In case you don't know how to spawn in working wormholes, here's the code:





(The wormholes don't need to be called worm1 and worm2, they can be named whatever you want, just replace all instances of worm1 and worm2 with the names you want, and if ur making more than 1 pair of wormholes before disconnecting, you can't reuse the names.)

This is the code for a simple 2-way wormhole pair, you hop in, it takes you to the other. But I want a case where I have 3 wormholes, for this we'll use worm1, worm2 and worm3. I want worm1 to have a chance to go to either worm2 or worm3, and have worm2 and worm3 both go back to worm1. Is this possible, I know the code to spawn linked wormholes is lesser known already, so Idk if anybody knows how to do this if it's even possible, I'd certainly love it if someone could tell me how to do this. It'd make the wilderness area of my town server much more unpredictable, which is my goal for the area, I already plan it to be like a maze like that one adventure mode level, but if I can do this on my server it'll make things much more unpredictable\

Much thanksĀ  - Dragolanits.

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