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Weapon lifesteal and lost health

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Hi I just started to understand lua and I want to get some code advice.

I want to make a weapon that has a fixed lifesteal (5hp) but only for the owners of the tag, and for all the others there was a hp scar per hit (10hp).

I would be very grateful for any help!
(translated by Yandex Translator)

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hello in your weapon.lua file in the "fn" put following code


inst.components.weapon.onattack = onattack

then above "fn" put following code

local function onattack(inst, owner, target)
	if owner:HasTag("this is your character custom tag") then
		owner.components.health:DoDelta(-10) -- Your character with tag is not using weapon so deal DMG to them


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4 hours ago, --- -.- said:

здравствуйте, В вашем файле weapon.lua в поле "fn" поставьте следующий код


inst.components.weapon.onattack = onattack

затем над "fn" поставьте следующий код

локальная функция onattack(inst, владелец, цель)
 если owner:HasTag("это пользовательский тег вашего персонажа"), то
владелец.компоненты.здоровье:DoDelta(-10) -- ваш персонаж с тегом не использует оружие, поэтому нанесите им DMG


Thank you very much!!!!!

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